• Danielle Cotter

Welcome to Ponder & Nourish

Updated: Jan 7

Welcome to Ponder & Nourish!

The goal of Ponder & Nourish is to be a blog dedicated to sharing my personal stories and reflections that connect to everyday experiences we all have. It will dissect and philosophize the blessings of these seemingly ordinary experiences and magnify their beauty through mindfulness, spirituality, and reverence. So much of life is spent in autopilot where we wander through each day without taking time to recognize the awe around AND within us.

What would happen if instead, we wake up to see the opportunity to be inspired, captivated, and grateful for all the gifts we have at our disposal each day?

I hope to provide a sliver of awakening and encouragement for you to look inward and around you for the treasures in your daily life.

There can be artistry in the way we choose to construct our lives.

My goal for Ponder & Nourish is to inspire you with ways to curate how you spend your time, physical and emotional energy, and mental focus. We will dive into the natural elements that exist around and within us all the time, such as nature, relationships, home, food, and self-love to fully embrace the creation of your unique life.

Each post will have uplifting sentiments, metaphorical understanding, and concrete tools you can use to integrate these teachings into your life for better emotional well-being.

I’m Danielle. I have been a licensed marriage and family therapist for 4 years and in the field of mental health for 8 years. I pride myself on having a keen eye for what keeps a person feeling stuck and unfulfilled in their life. I work *almost* exclusively with women healing from trauma, as well as with struggles that arise during the perinatal period. I wanted to expand my passion beyond the office couch and into the homes of as many women as possible through self-development writing.

My writing has helped hundreds of mothers become more confident and empowered to be effective parents by making self care, self-forgiveness, and self-compassion a #1 priority. In my first blog, Motherhood Empowered, I guide women toward listening to and using their authentic voice. I combine both grace and truth in my writing and inspire mothers to not just "hang in there," but to thrive no matter their circumstances. If you are a mother and looking for a supportive community, check out Motherhood Empowered.

I am so very happy you have found your way here to Ponder & Nourish, where we can contemplate meaning and understanding of the complexities of life together.

With deep gratitude,